Ищу порно фильм Perverted Stories 28

Описание: Head for the HeadlessIt was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and the day the evil bishop chopped off Brianna`s husband`s head was definitely the worst. But eternal love transcends beyond the grave, and he shall rise again to save his beloved and take his revenge. And one last poke up his wife`s ass while he`s at it.Skin HeadPoor little Devlyn lost her ability to grow hair in a tragic schoolyard accident. Having exhausted all medical choices and holistic attempts, her doctor recommends a drastic unapproved growth formula to restore her hair. Will it work? Will Devlyn be shopping for shampoo, or will they just f*ck the living sh*t out of all her holes and leave her bald?Rat AttackThe place had been condemned for years when our little visitor, Dominica, arrived. Nothing but a home for the rats. And this little cutie looked like the perfect morsel to eat. Watch out chickie, this is the biggest rat you`ll ever meet. Better call the exterminator.Fun With the HandicappedAlana`s life had changed for theworse when she became confined to a wheelchair. She was now dependent on others. And what about when those others take advantage of a poor little handicapped girl? Well, in this case we would call it Fun With the Handicapped.

Актеры: Brianna, Devlyn, Dominica Leoni, Mirage, Devlyn DeVil, Alana, Dave Hardman, Rick Masters, Jay Ashley, Johnny Thrust, Mark Vega, Joel Lawrence, Mark Cummings

Режиссер: Jim Powers

Студия: JM Productions


Просмотров: 63
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