Ищу порно фильм Perverted Stories 29

Описание: Crude Ass Oil - Out in the oil field they call you a worm when you first start out. And that's exactly what this rookie gets, as two veterans show her what diggin' for oil is all about. And out of her ass came some bubbling crude. Texas tea, that is!"Smell of Feet - What better place for a foot freak to work than in a shoe store. This way he could get his fix and not be a problem to society. But one day an extremely attractive pair of feet came into his store, and he couldn't help himself. It wasn't his fault what happened!"Veggies on a Stick - State fairs are so much fun. All sorts of rides and food to eat. But Kiki found a different type of ride at the fair, as a stand selling vegetables on a stick taught her why cucumbers and corn cobs can be a girl's best friend. Cornhole anybody?"Sins of Masturbation - Back in the medieval days you could be sent to prison for jacking off or being an unfaithful woman. In this shocking tale of dungeon life, we find out what happens when these innocent victims meet.

Актеры: Kiki Daire, Nikita Denise, Kat Langer, Billie Britt, Herschel Savage, Dave Hardman, Rick Masters, Lance Romance, Johnny Thrust, Jason McCain

Режиссер: Jim Powers

Студия: JM Productions


Просмотров: 86
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