Ищу порно фильм Perverted Stories 30

Описание: The latest edition of this freaky series picks up right where previous ones have left off -- with one scene after another of hair-raising hi jinx from some of the sexiest young women in the business. There's no other series that dares to indulge in the kind of wackiness that these guys do, and anyone looking to catch a favorite starlet in her wildest setting usually finds themselves picking up a 'Perverted Stories' flick. This one is no exception, as we start right off with a ridiculously over-the-top scene. Tasty Brandi Lyons plays an Earth girl who hooks up with a goofy alien played by her real-life beau Scott. While the costume is pretty silly, the sex itself shimmers with the unleashed passion that only real couples seem to bring to the screen. The second scene finds luscious Catalina being covered in fast food chicken and gravy during a sloppy DP dalliance. Candy Cotton lights up the third scene, engaging in some solo satisfaction with a weird collection of plastic body parts and pig snouts. It's another wild segment the likes of which you would never see in any other series. The finale brings us stunning Sabrina Jayde, who romps with a guy in a strangely well-equipped horse costume. Sometimes silly, sometimes gross, never dull, this series consistently delivers some of the freakiest frolicking in the industry. This one will surely appeal to fans of the series or anyone looking for some out-of-the-ordinary thrills.

Актеры: Catalina, Candy Cotton, Sabrina Jayde, Brandi Lyons

Студия: JM Productions


Просмотров: 116
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