Милашки Хотят Дабл 14 / Teens Want Double 14

Просмотров: 6663

Описание: Порно фильм онлайн Милашки Хотят Дабл 14 из категории Русское Порно, смотрите бесплатно на ru.paradisehill.cc. Приятного просмотра!

Порно актеры: Andi, Bailey, Henessy, Lily, Temptress

Студия: Cherry Vision

Релиз: 12 ноября 2012

Категории: Русское Порно, Подростки 18+, Оргии, Анальный Секс

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Anthraxpudding 22 декабря 2017
The studio Cherry Vision brings us TEENS WANT DOUBLE 14. Incorporating their no nonsense, straight to business sexual performance. Two actors walk in take the clothes off the actress and start performing (see what i mean by viewing here: Part 1 9:20- 10:30) The actresses are absolutely adorable and their sexual performances are filled with super sexy cries of sexual pleasure as their adorable faces contort into expressions of pleasure. All while their lower half is fully stretch out. The actors seem to deliberately ignore the sexy actress' pussy hole in favor of just fucking her throat and asshole. (See here the actor realizes he is shoving into her pussy hole. Only to quickly pull out, and shove it into her asshole. Part 2 9:25- 9:35) But all you who love seeing pussies getting pounded, never fear it does get it's fair share of stuffing. All and all TEENS WANT DOUBLE 14 delivers it's promise. A promise of fresh adorably cute teenage looking actresses, who are fully double teamed by 2 actors. Actors who take a beautiful sexual in filling each of her lovely lady holes, AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL TO WATCH.